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   The 15th International Football tournament between teams of Parliaments, Governments and region Administrations will take place in Sochi from the 19th till 22d of May 2011. This year football teams from Germany, Czech Republic, Austria and Turkey are expected to participate in this event. The organizer of the tournament is “Football Market” Company.


   Every year the tournament brings together high-ranking guests. Alexander Zhukov, the Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, Artur Chilingarov, the State Duma vice-speaker, Pavel Borodin, Belorussia State Secretary, Nikolay Dudov, the Magadan Region Governor and many others took part in previous tournaments.


   Besides high-ranking officials, a great number of Russian football legends also participate in the event: Fedor Cherenkov, Vagiz Hidiyatullin, Rinat Dasaev, Yuri Gavrilov, Viktor Shustikov and many other famous players demonstrated their skills in tournament matches.


   The Parliament tournament in Sochi is a unique ground for business meetings and negotiations in informal atmosphere. As one of the guests mentioned, football is becoming an international idea that can bring together people of different generations and political views. And this is the main goal of our football festival.